Village at Seeley Lake Announcement

Attention: The Village at Seeley Lake Apartments Residents,

Your management team is always finding ways to make your living experience here at The Village at Seeley Lake better for you and your guests. As a part of your new leadership plan, we have followed through on our promise to increase the safety and security of the entire community and property. To maintain the high standards of our community we have implemented a "Community Policing Team" made up of officers from the Lakewood Police Department. A full security plan has begun and you will now see real police patrolling all of Village at Seeley Lake Apartments day and night. 
We feel that this is the best way to keep any crime or negative behavior away from our family and friends here at our community. This plan will not be successful without the cooperation from each and every one of you. We need your help making your experience a positive one and by helping us report any crime that you see or have seen before it becomes a bigger issue. 
Please feel free to stop your officer when they are on-site and provide them with anonymous tips. Also, the most effective way to contact your local police is to call the non-emergency line at 253-798-4721. If you see an actual emergency please call 911 immediately and directly. 
Your police team is on-site most of the time but you may not see them because they use marked and unmarked patrol cars. Remember this doesn't take the place of calling 911, so please continue using 911 for all emergencies
If you have any questions or concerns about anything else please contact the front office. We appreciate your cooperation and help in making your community a safe and crime free environment. 
Thank you, 
Your Management Team at The Village at Seeley Lake Apartments

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